Modern baby

built to simplify the parenting journey

Modern baby

Ergonomic Baby Bouncer Seat - Safe & Snug™

Simplify Parenting

We are on a mission to bring peace of mind to new parents while encouraging the growth of well-rounded children.

Sleep Better

When is the last time you got a really good night of sleep? Our products are built for your baby's comfort.

Less Clutter

Our minimalist baby furniture was intentionally designed to look amazing in any home.

Feel Safer

Our products are rigorously tested for safety and they pass all CPSC & ASTM regulations.

New Parent's Guide

We created a comprehensive guide complete with feeding times, growth charts, sleep logs, and more to simplify your parenting journey!

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Parenting can get tough.

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Modern Parents and the Internet Age


Room for Kids: Why Safety & Comfort Matters

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Happy Parent's Served


Happy Parent's Served

3 Patents

6+ Years of Research & Development

3 Patents

6+ Years of Research & Development

Meet ComfyBumpy
Parenting Doesn't Have to be Hard

At the core of our philosophy is the simple idea that parenting doesn’t have to be hard. Why? Because the most important job of any parent is to LOVE. And the loving part is easy.

Our Story
Harmony in the Home

ComfyBumpy was born out of a personal need for Harmony in the Home. We know that when you come home with your tiny new human, you walk into a completely new life. We wanted to build baby furniture that would make your life easier.

You are doing a great job.

Yes, mama. Let those words sink in. Take a deep breath. We know how difficult it is being a new parent, and we want to simplify the journey.


Happiness, Guaranteed.

We provide a Full 30-Day
Money-Back Guarantee