Our Story
ComfyBumpy. Simplify Parenting.

ComfyBumpy was born out of a personal need for Harmony in the Home. When parents come home with their new tiny humans, they walk into a completely new home and new life.

Here at ComfyBumpy, we know all too well what this new life looks like. Very little sleep. New anxieties. Clutter galore. But a whole lot of love. We wanted to build modern baby furniture that could bring peace of mind to new parents and encourage the growth of well-rounded children.

Simplicity, Safety and Love are what we are all about here at ComfyBumpy. Our goal is to help you and baby sleep better, travel better and evolve together. We believe that parenting doesn’t have to be hard.

Winner of Parent’s Picks Award
Winner of Mom's Choice Award

Our Values

Bringing peace of mind to new parents while encouraging the growth of well-rounded children.


ComfyBumpy exists to remove the stresses of modern parenting. We want to simplify the parenting journey and create intentional baby furniture and tools that help parents connect with their children better. We are all about simple, effective designs that create harmony in the home.


ComfyBumpy is incredibly focused on safety and quality. Our furniture is rigorously tested through several different quality control agencies. We adhere to all safety regulations and go above and beyond what is asked. We are constantly innovating on how to make things safer. And beyond that, our furniture is built to last and grow with your family.


At the core of what we do is an overflowing amount of love and gratitude to new parents. They are raising this next generation. We want to remove as many stresses of modern parenting as we can so that all that is left is more space for love in the home.

Our Philosophy
Parenting Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

At the core of our philosophy is a simple idea that parenting doesn’t have to be hard. Why? Because the most important job of any parent is to LOVE. And the loving part is easy.


We create modern baby furniture that makes parent’s lives easier. Our furniture is safe, effective, and intentionally designed to fit into any home. We compete on price, design and quality.

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